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Choice Capital Management, LLC is a Pacific Northwest Developer specializing in the following market segments:

  1. High-end Custom Homes
  2. Spec Homes
  3. Commercial Properties
  4. Multi-Family Dwellings

The construction division of Choice Capital Management, LLC is Choice Construction that has been serving the South Sound Peninsula for the last seventeen years and has created a reputation in the Industry that 97% of its business is based on referrals and an existing core clientele. The focal point of the business is to deliver consistency on quality of workmanship and professionalism.

Our customer service approach to a client’s home begins well before being introduced to them and continues far beyond handing the keys over upon completion. The value of customer service is not just measured on first impressions, but every direct or indirect interaction along every facet and milestone that impacts our customer’s needs, intentions in the product we build. A Choice build is not just a structure… a home but an investment of the foundation of our business in building relationships and reputation based on integrity.

Every detail is approached as if it were their own while appreciating that every dollar of a budget is to be managed to minimize waste and maximized to the best value. The management team at Choice is sympathetic to the daunting as well as cumbersome process of building your dream home and our approach is to minimize that as much as possible. Often this is simply boiled down to open communication. We understand that stress comes from the unknown so its best to over communicate to eliminate mis-understanding or confusion so all parties are invested equally to the implementation plan, the fit and finish of the design and how that all correlates to the clients budget.

As much as it is a client’s dream home, personalized custom design or strategic investment property, it’s ours as well with our Company reputation.


Leadership Team

Joe Krecker – For the last twenty-four years, Joe has been hanging his own shingle (so to say) with Choice Construction, LLC. But Joe’s experience in the construction industry started far before the year 1995. As a young boy, you’d find Joe going out with his dad in his pick-up to help with his HVAC business. Sure at an age when all he was good for was fetching his dad a tool, he was learning the trades, as they say. As he grew older and his responsibilities grew, the business of working with your hands and seeing the end result of that effort got into Joe’s blood or maybe he was just born into the trades business.

Joe’s entrepreneurial mind-set was not to perpetuate his father’s legacy, but rather to take what his father had taught him to venture to make a name and a business on his own. His sweat equity is what has built the business to what it is today. The reputation he has made for himself and the business has been built off of his attention to detail, his integrity and that a hand-shake still means something when giving an individual a promise to deliver.

Back when the housing collapse occurred in 2007/2008, Choice Construction faced what every other builder encountered. However, unlike the vast majority of other builders, Joe made good on every single financial obligation making sure every vendor, every subcontractor and every bank was paid back in full. That’s a testament to his character.

When you compare builders and that comparison is based on what you see from the street or by an owner testimonial you may not get the entire picture of those companies. To speak and to learn from those builders’ vendors, subcontractors or suppliers are the true testament. Joe has treated each of his as his trade partners and there isn’t one out there that wouldn’t drop everything to be part of one of Choice Construction’s projects.

Eric Risch – For the last twenty years, Eric has spent his tenure in the corporate world in both the financial services and construction industries. Eric has held roles that included Director of Operations and Regional Manager where his responsibilities included, but were not limited to driving increases in revenue, forecast modeling as well as oversight of profit and loss statements. His area of expertise is managing all financial and contractual obligations on multiple complex and high profile projects simultaneously under construction.

Eric is a graduate from Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana where he majored in financial management with a minor in economics.

Born and raised just outside of Detroit, Michigan his Midwest roots taught him the value of hard work. That you have to earn your achievements and that success is not going to be handed to you. Eric would often hear stories told by his father growing up on a farm in Indiana where he would be picking lettuce early in the morning before school and then coming home after doing his homework and going back out in those same fields to pick more lettuce. When visiting his grandparents, who lived on that same farm, his father would make him go out and pick lettuce to get an appreciation to what his father spoke of in his stories and what it meant to work hard.

The culmination of Choice Capital Management with Choice Construction was out of personal reflection that the impact of his effort and hard work is more tangible by paving that path through an entrepreneurial approach. As a manager in the corporate structure, one can make decisions but never truly feel the impact where as a business owner the level of accountability is quite definitive.


Our Why

Choice Capital Management / Choice Construction is a partnership between two individuals from two different backgrounds and raised in different areas of the Country. There’s a true admiration each shares of the other both professionally and personally. Their backgrounds have created a synergy to develop communities, residential homes or commercial dwellings that focus on quality craftsmanship conjoined by responsible financial oversight with our Trade Partners.

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